Each vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of fuel. Clients may choose one of our two fuel options.

Option A

Return full at no charge. If the vehicle is not returned full the client will be charged the cost to fill the vehicle plus service charge.

Option B

You will be charged for the full tank on delivery and return empty.

Please note, our fuel policy can change without notice.


For your convenience, below is a list of Petrol Stations located in Antigua or visit our map.

St. John Percival; Dee's Old Parham Rd, Factory Road, Piggotts; All Saints Service Station, Ace

M & M Service Station;Midway Service Station ; James Belle Vue Heights, Chandler's Gas Station Golden Grove;

Midway Service Station Robinson's , All Saints Rd ; Valley Road Service Station Friars Hill;

St. George


St. Peter    Mount Joy
St. Mary E&E Valley Rd, Jennings  
St. Paul   English Harbour 
St. Philip    Pares